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Mediator & Business expert

I started out as an air-force pilot and later became a commander at flight school. Then I paired my aviation skills with an education in computer science and mathematics as part of the team that developed the digital systems for the Lavi plane. 

When my kids were born I recognized a market gap and started a company that became a leading toy importer, manufacturer and distributor. With this experience, I went on to run marketing and sales for Lipski (subsidiary of Keter). 

I returned to flying, this time in commercial aviation, becoming a captain for El-Al and ultimately running the 747-400 fleet with over a hundred pilots. 

I founded a successful dot com startup which created one of the first internet campaign platforms. Opened a restaurant. Invested in and developed real estate in Israel, Germany, Spain and New York. Built and own hotels in Greece. 

אופנוע וצעיף אדום.jpg

A central theme of my own journey and career path has been constant transformation.

בית מלוןPAME_edited.jpg
מלון תיאטרו.jpg

Looking back at this evolution, I’ve come to realize that a key ingredient to my personal and professional success is the ability to balance a high level of control with an openness to change.

I call this controlled flexibility. 

We’re all confronted with surprises, opportunities and threats. If we’re stuck in our ways without being able to recognize and react to change we become frustrated and bored .


On the other hand, if we’re too easily distracted and aren’t able to see things through we get nowhere. The ability to be intentional and in control of our own change is harder than it’s ever been. 

This applies to business as it does to our personal lives.

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Today I have the privilege to share what I’ve learned and discovered with others. Through guidance, consultation and mediation I help companies and individuals to unlock controlled flexibility in order to achieve their goals.

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